• Yes please

  • Panera with the side chick.

  • Summertime chilling.

  • Moons out. Fires on.

  • Colors of the American flag. Red white and blue. Always good except for when they’re flashing behind you lol

  • I hate cloudy days, but today Is an exception.

  • Never skip leg day. #doyouevenliftbro

  • humansofnewyork:

    "I have too much energy. I’m learning to channel it instead of letting it burn me."
    "How does it burn you?"
    "It can keep me from focusing. It causes me to think about a million things at once."
    "Are you manic?"
    "Do you take medicine?"
    "No. I just wear a weight vest under my clothes while I’m working, then after work I run until the batteries are done."

  • Not again….